A beautiful blanket made from pure Merino Wool to have as a show piece or to use to cosy yourself up on an evening, or daytime. This blanket uses a slightly finer in diameter Merino Wool to add to its fleixible and lenient nature, but it is still chunky!


The perfect gift to give to someone special, which can be used in both a living space, or a bedroom.


Available in 48 different colours (see colour chart in pictures shown, and enquire for which colours are in stock)


If you have any questions, requests, enquiries or you require specific dimensions for your blanket then please email hello@madeinchunky.co.uk with your specifications. 

Unicorn Inspired Blanket (Natural Grey/Mink/Unicorn)

    • Dimensions (50cm x 70cm)
    • Made from Merino wool yarn, with the most delicate of fibres, perfect to keep you warm and cosy, and stunning as a show piece.
    • Merino Wool helps to regulate the body's temperature
    • It's a natural, luxury wool
    • This product is made with care and love, and so it should also be looked after with care and love!
    • For light and decorative use.
    • Light 'petting" or 'stroking' will help your blanket to stay in tip-top shape! 
    • As the blanket is made with the most delicate and luxurious of fibres, there may be a slight fraying. If this occurs, please do not pull on it, simply snip off as little as you can with scissors, and pet the blanket down gently.
    • Each shade of colour is subject to change slightly in different lighting, just as with any dyed material
    • Merino Wool is safe for the use of babies, pets and children.
    • Dry Clean Only