Make your own Chunky Knit blanket from home in the colour of your choice. 


This package comes with enough wool to make up a blanket with the approximate dimensions of 110cm x 65cm.


You will be knitting the blanket by hand.


When you receive your wool you will also be given a password to login onto the website. Here you will find a full length and in detail tutorail that I have made to help you along with your blanket.


I will also be at hand, should you get a little stuck, but I have included everything from how to felt/prep the wool, knit up the blanket and how to care for your blanket.


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If you have any questions or enquiries please contact

Make Your Own Kailey Blanket in Humbug

    • Your wool will arrive in two seperate bundles.
    • This wool has been split by hand, therefore a slight difference in thickness may occur.
    • The Merino Wool that I receive from my wool supplier is unspun & not felted.
    • The wool has then been treated and lightly felted by myself before sending it out to you. 
    • Please be gentle when felting and knitting your blanket, Merino Wool is very delicate and requires a lot of love and care.
    • Merino Wool helps to regulate the body's temperature
    • It's a natural, luxury wool
    • Light 'petting" or 'stroking' will help your blanket to stay in tip-top shape! 
    • As the blanket is made with the most delicate and luxurious of fibres, there may be a slight fraying. If this occurs, please do not pull on it, simply snip off as little as you can with scissors, and pet the blanket down gently.
    • Each shade of colour is subject to change slightly in different lighting, just as with any dyed material
    • Merino Wool is safe for the use of babies, pets and children.
    • Dry Clean Only