Pattern Inspo

Find some inspiration from some of my creations.


This is the perfect place to find the pattern that you are wanting for your chunky knit product if the pattern you see is not to your taste. You can choose any chunky knit and have the pattern of your choice. Please get in contact with the chunky knit you like, and the pattern that you would like it in via email,


There is no extra charge for the pattern that you prefer, so choose whichever pattern you would like to make your purchase truly bespoke to you, or that special someone.

SB x

Knitting stitch

 Pattern Ref No. 1

Knitting & Pearl

Pattern Ref No. 2

Knitting & Pearl

Pattern Ref No. 3

Patchwork Style

Pattern Ref No. 4

Knitting with Pearl detail

Pattern Ref No. 5