What's the difference between the Customised Merino Wool Blankets & The Classic Chunky knit Blankets?

Both collections use exactly the same Merino Wool and can be ordered in any colour. The difference is that the customised Merino Wool Blankets are slimmer in thickness, this is because it is hand split. The Classic Collection blankets are made with thicker wool, which makes them heavier and more expensive, as more wool is used.

How Do I Clean My Chunky Knit?

For the Acrylic & Merino Chunky Knits, it is recommended to spot clean. You can spot clean your blanket by taking a clean white cloth, dampening the end with some warm water, and gently dabbing the stain. Try not to rub. This may cause damage to the blanket, and cause the stain to worsen.  Dry cleaning can also be carried out for Acrylic and Merino Chunky Knits.


Chenille Chunky Knits, can be washed on a low setting and left to flat dry


What Kind Of Wool Do You Use?

The wool that I use for Merino & Acrylic Chunky Knits is un-spun. The delicate fibres are intertwined together to create the beautiful luxurious texture and look of each chunky knit interior.


How Do I Care for My Chunky Knit?

This is a question that I get asked a lot! Care, is the key word here, and in some senses you have to treat your chunky knit just as you would a pet! Gently stroking/petting of the blanket can help to bond any delicate fibres back together. Small pieces of pilling (fuzzy bits) can be snipped off carefully with some sharp scissors. However, be very careful if doing this as if too much is snipped off, it can cause split ends, which is not what we want! I much prefer the method of petting, and gentle looking after of your blanket.

Why Is My Chunky Knit Pilling?

Pilling will occur with all Chunky Merino & Acrylic products, especially as they are used more and more. It happens with all items that we own, the older they get, the more they age. Both the Acrylic & Merino products are meant for light, careful use, as well as for the beautiful interior effect. When purchasing either of these luxury materials, pilling should also be taken into consideration.


Will the Pilling Become Less?

The good news is, yes! The longer you have your chunky knit, and the way in which you look after your chunky knit blanket will all help to create less pilling. Pilling is caused by friction and rubbing of materials against each other. This is where petting will help a great deal, the smoothness of your hand against the soft material helps to iron out any pilling that may occur. 

Why Does It Take So Long For Delivery?

Delivery takes between 4-6 weeks which gives me enough time to perfect your chunky knit to your bespoke preference! As well as producing your chunky knit, packaging it and delivering it to the post office, there is a lot of prepping that goes into ensuring the wool is ready for knitting! Hand felting is something that I strongly believe in, but it is a time consuming process! By hand felting the yarn, it helps to make the bonds of fibre stronger, ensuring that the overall look of your chunky knit is up to scratch! Just as petting does! 

How Much Is Shipping?

The cost of shipping is £4.50 within the UK, shipping is charged due to the weight of the chunky knits, and it will always be a recorded delivery to ensure that your blanket reaches you safely.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Blanket/ Bed Runner?

It all depends on the size and the pattern choice. Although there are no added charges for the pattern that you chose, some do take me longer than others! I would say that a small/medium blanket could take me a day (including the felting process). If you are asking about the Mammoth Blanket, well, that could take me anywhere from a day and a half up to 3 days! I like to take my time over each order, and ensure that it is perfect before it is sent out to you. 

If you have any further questions or queries, then please get in touch!

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